Holtzundmetal is a design studio focused on delivering modern and innovative solutions to the luxury residential furniture market. Its founder, Peter Wehrspann, has been designing and developing products for the local Toronto market for over a decade. His works have received worldwide press and nationwide sales.

Holtzundmetal employs wood, metal and other mixed media to develop unique form and functionality to assist strategic partners to grow in emerging markets. The results are striking furniture solutions that compliment rapidly changing markets yet remain luxuriously timeless.

Holtzundmetal recognizes the need for concepts that quickly become a reality. It assists its partners in bringing competitive ideas to market as winning products. Holtzundmetal offers its partners unique concepts in the form of CAD models, rendered images and hard prototypes as well as process engineering services to efficiently manufacture the final product.


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Peter Wehrspann

11 Bedford St. New York City, N.Y. 100121
Phone: 647-648-9293 
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